Waterfall Villa

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Villa Name: The Waterfall Villa

The Waterfall Villa is unique in the sense that it manages to successfully combine the exquisite natural features of the location with simple and stylish, luxury accommodation, high-end modern technology and a level of creative imagination that makes this an extraordinary and unique villa.

The Waterfall Villa occupies an exceptional position high up on the mountainside with truly scintillating views over the ocean, the surrounding islands, the Marine Park and across to the mainland. The two main focuses of the villa are firstly, creating the feeling that the house belongs in this tropical environment and actually embraces the natural features of the location. Secondly, every opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view is maximized by the practical layout and innovative design features.

A winding private road takes you to the entrance which sits above the property. From here a pretty stepping stone pathway leads down the right-hand side of the pavilions that provide the incomparable accommodation. At first it’s hard to imagine that there’s a home here at all. The curve of the path and the extraordinary natural rock formations make the property almost invisible. As the path turns you’re eyes will be pulled away from the view to a large antique double doorway. Above this you’ll see the ornate and traditional looking roof structure of the master-suite.

On entering the suite the walls in the open corridor are white plaster with wooden pillars and a vaulted wooden ceiling which add a natural contrast. The thick rustic walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling which helps to create an atmosphere of space and light. To the right is the bedroom area and to the left is a very unusual and attractive bathroom suite.

Literally built around the rock formations that existed before the house, the bathroom has all the excitement and anticipation of entering a secret cave. A high round window overlooks the room, open views to the left look over the wall, the bedroom and out to the sea. On the right, high windows also help to fill the room with natural light. Twin glass sinks set on a wooden surface give a modern touch to such a natural bathroom; the large bathtub and shower are actually built around and between two granite outcrops which ensure complete privacy.

Coming into the master-suite area will take your breath away. A large four poster bed appears lost in this expansive room that is simply furnished with a large rock rising through the polished wooden floor. A stone day-bed has been set into the rock turning this natural feature into a beautiful and practical furniture item which enables you to relax and enjoy the views through the windows which run across the whole front of the room or even be used as a meditation table.

Doors on the right lead to an outdoor garden shower and pocket doors open to a large balcony wrapping around the front of the room providing valuable outdoor space. From the balcony you can view the enormous granite rock that falls from the master suite and down below the aesthetically pleasing and unusual crescent shaped roof structure of the living area. The panoramic views and the sound of a waterfall make this an exceptionally peaceful and serene environment.

Heading back onto the stepping stone pathway you continue down the side of the mountain and to the entrance of the living area. When you enter you are instantly drawn to the fact that the back wall of this room is actually the 14m high granite rock-face that runs from the master suite above. Even more astonishing is the waterfall cascading down the rock and into the indoor swimming pool occupying the space below the rock, right in the heart of the living area.

The water is fully filtered and the flow can be electronically controlled to define the ambiance you desire; anything from a quiet trickle to a raging waterfall which can refresh you whilst sitting on the bench below. This unique feature is not only creative and beautiful but it also acts as a form of natural cooling.

Once you turn away from that, this sizable room incorporates a modern kitchen, pantry and laundry room. The main area is used as a large comfortable lounge area with a casual dining section; you can easily imagine sitting either there or on the outdoor decking and indulging in the rather amazing ocean and sunset views with playing colors and contrast with the Marine Park islands as a background. From the living room, steps lead down to another bedroom / study area with a dedicated bathroom.

Coming back out onto the stepping stone path, it takes you down to a further separate guest suite which has a double bedroom and an en-suite bathroom with bathtub. Throughout the guest suite the white walls and wooden floors are brought to life by touches of powder-blue in the cushioned window seat, bathroom walls, blue glass sink and the wall inset behind the bed. To the front of the guest suite is a private garden that shares the incredible views of all the rooms above.

This whole property is exhibited and enhanced by a state-of-the-art computerized lighting system and ceiling mounted projectors with pull-down screens provide modern hi-tech entertainments systems.

The Waterfall Villa is stylish, natural, and unique in design. Located in a totally peaceful, private and natural setting which also enjoys remarkable views. This is the ideal place for a complete, genuine and simple getaway, and such is the beauty of this home, you’ll probably take as many photos of the house as you will of the views and the island, leaving a memorable experience…

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  • On the South West coast of Koh Samui, 30 min from the airport and 15 min from Lamai
  • The villa is within Nagalaya, an exclusive community of homes built on more than 25 acres of coconut plantation and granite escarpments overlooking the ocean. The estate offers an environmentally sensitive escape, surrounded by the finest forest and rock formations that Samui offers.
  • Guests at the villa can enjoy the use of a large shared pool as well as club house / coffee shop
  • Each private villa in the estate is tailored to suit the landscape, and built with appropriate tropical style.